The Up Beet Kitchen Chef Training Program

It’s not All About Recipes! We want to teach you how to cook and how to have a healthy relationship with food. Whether you just want to pick up some basics to eat healthier or you have always dreamed of going to culinary school, The Up Beet Kitchen is your place to learn.

Every cooking skill, ingredient, and piece of equipment is a lesson…And we have over 700 of them! Every skill taught in culinary school is now available to you in your own home and you can learn at your own pace. Click the Complete button on the lesson pages and gain experience points!

The more experience points you gain the quicker you will advance through our 7 different Chef Levels. Start out as a Kitchen Helper all work your way up to Master Chef!

Lessons can be completed from inside recipes, in courses or by searching for them individually. We are adding more and more content on these lessons every week!

We are building out our Chef Internship and Certification program for launch in 2017. Please email HappyCustomers@TheUpBeetKitchen.com and we will keep up updated as we roll this out.

  1. Click on the “Learn” tab and you’ll see we are about teaching you how to cook and how to have a healthy relationship with your food. We have over 700+ lessons and 30+ courses that cover nutrition, ingredients, equipment and cooking skills.

    If you go bananas for learning (and food puns), then we are going to be grape friends!

  2. The more lessons and recipes you complete, the more experience points you will earn. You will start out as a kitchen helper and work your way up to Master Chef!

    We donut, about you, but we love a little encourage mint along the way!

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