Kale Colada

This is a great tasting green smoothie and a smart way to start your day.  Blending ingredients retains their fiber and prevents the large blood sugar spikes that come along with juicing.  By using fresh young coconuts, the water is naturally filled with electrolytes and the coconut fat, while saturated, is a medium chain fatty acid that helps to actually burn calories.  Adding kale makes this a very nutrient dense smoothie. 

 22 Servings  
 Do Not Make
Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble

Rhubarb is a vegetable with a strong tart taste.  Being one of the first crops in the spring the tart taste can be balanced with natural sugar (strawberry) and added sugar to make balanced deserts.  A Crumble is a technique that once mastered can be used with many different fruits such as apples, peaches or berries!

 10 Servings  
 Do Not Make
Berry Cobber Recipe

The following cobbler is from Epicurious and is "Blueberry Cobbler". I changed a couple of things....

 4 Servings  
 Do Not Make
Kale44 Leaves
Rhubarb3 1/4Cup(s)
All Purpose Flour1 Cup(s)
Hemp hearts2 3/4Cup(s)
Strawberry4 1/2Package(s)
Lemon3/4Ounces (Liquid)
Blueberries4 Cup(s)
Coconut Milk11 Can
Flax seed11 Ounces (Liquid)
Brown sugar2Cup(s)
Rolled Oats1 1/8Cup(s)
Arrowroot starch1/8Cup(s)
Salt2Tbsp (Dry)
Cinnamon1/4Tbsp (Dry)
Flour1 1/8Cup(s)
Baking powder1 Tbsp (Dry)
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